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Let's start to describe first how LightRoom's (LR) watched folders are working.

In LR, in order to use watched folders, you configure 2 folders. Folder A, from which the pictures are read, and folder B, to which they are moved. Folder B is the one you see on the left side of your LR's folders. When starting Lightroom, it will parse the whole folder A (warning: LR does not support subfolders in Folder A !) and move all pictures to its library which is folder B.

In PhotoStream2Folder, the folder A is in the General tab (first Destination field) and the folder B in the LightRoom tab. Once you start Lightroom, it will empty folder A and move it to folder B. PhotoStream2Folder checks Folders A and B to avoid duplications.

So the workflow is the following:

1. Configure PhotoStream2Folder:

    - General Tab: /Users/<username>/<where you want to store the pictures>

    - LightRoom tab (optional, even if you user LR): The library folder where LightRoom stores your pictures

2. You take a picture with your iPhone

3. It goes to your PhotoStream

4. My PhotoStream2Folder application brings it to Folder A (General Tab)

5. Lightroom brings the picture from folder A to folder B (LightRoom tab), ie its library.

There is a folder-shaped icon in your Mac's system bar (the menu bar at the top of the screen). Simply click on it and choose 'Configure'.


As Lightroom does not support sub folders in its watched folder, you must ensure that all pictures are store in the same folder. Hence, go to the General tab of PhotoStream2Folder's configuration panel and clear the Format field.

The format field will transform the file name and define a variable destination folder based on multiple parameters:

 f: Filename

 c: city

 C: Country

 Y: Year (4 digits)

 y: Year (2 digits)

 M: Month

 d: Day

 h: Hours

 m: Minutes

 s: Seconds

 #: filenumber 


 -  folder/<Y/c/f>:    folder/2012/Paris/IMG1023.JPG

 - <f-C> :      IMG_1023-France.JPG